About evice consult, the background and out vision

About evice

Consultancy on technical matters since 2010

The company was established in 2010, as a sole proprietorship.
Since then things have chenged and the jobs performed have been a little of everything, within electrical installations.
From drawing of electrical documentation for submarines, selectivity studies and protective relay settings for critical backup systems in power plants, engineering and commissioning assistance for ships around the world.

The company today is offering consultancy, troubleshooting and typical maintenance jobs, within electrical installations and automation, for both shorebased industry and maritime customers.

Our main focus and target is, that all our services should act to increase the productivity.
Instinctively we analyze on root-causes for a breakdown. For consultancy and engineering tasks, we always aim for appropriate systemdesigns with focus on energy efficiency, ease of maintenance & troubleshooting, innovative functionallity and still keeping an eye to the economical aspect.


Onboard the vessel – world-wide
Guidance on troubleshooting
Engineering & consultancy services


Service for the shorebased industry and
Consultancy services for electrical contractors

Why evice?

We combine the insight in technical issues and acknowledge that breakdowns are costly, with our expertise to allow you to reduce your downtime

The company name is inspired by advice and illustrates our expertise in electrical installations and engineering, for which reason an e is the choosen prefix.
Further to the prefix, our ability to retain a secure overview of mile-stones and tasks, in order to complete jobs timely, we have illustrated it as a vice (a clamping device, to retain workpieces in a workshop). Combined it forms our core company name ‘evice’.

Throughout planning


Swift response

Experienced traveling technichans

Years of experience

Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.