Martime services

Technical support and troubleshooting

On-board troubleshooting of a boiler control panel.

Specialized in design and troubleshooting of electrical and automation systems, with broad experience within shipboard operation, it is only natural to offer professional and relevant support to the maritime industry.
Within the range of maritime services, evice consult is your competent partner within fields such as troubleshooting and consultancy service for:

  • Power generation systems (alternators / generators and controlsystems)
  • Relay logic control circuits
  • PLC controlled automation
  • Commissioning & verification

Services can, depending on circumstances, be rendered as both remote assistance to the Technical Superintendent or Chief Engineer as well as on-board service by a traveling service technician or superintendent.

A full service report will be issued upon completion, including eventual recommendations.

Scrubber installations

During 2019 installation and commissioning of a vast number of exhaust gas cleaning system scrubbers (EGCS) have burdened both shipyards and consultants and technical departments and suppliers, with bustle and delays on a global basis.

Exhaust gas from a scrubber, during sea-trial.

Whilst most of the commissioned scrubber projects having been commissioned are working as intended, the global bustle have left parts of the shipping industry with a few installations, where commissioning have been rushed through.
Examples exist of systems which are not optimized with regards to fuel efficiency, have serious defects in the safety circuits or are not even fully operational.

Evice consult have specialized knowledge and experience in operation and verification of automation systems and can support shipowners and technical managers with:

  • Integration, with respect to signals to and from existing machinery and alarm systems
  • Troubleshooting of communication issues (RS422 for NMEA0183, RS485 for MODBUS, MODBUS TCP etc.)
  • Verification of correct monitoring of important parameters
  • Post-commissioning verifications, to identify eventual defects or flaws within the warranty period.