Critical generator systems

Over the past years backup generators (often referred to as emergency generators) have been more and more commonly integrated into many existing and new installations.

Generator control system, failing to share load with the mains, during parallel running.

In some cases, the integration of generator(s) have seen to impact negatively on the overall availability and reliability of the overall electrical installation, due to improper system design, maintenance or operation.

This is partly contributed to by the fact that during the design phase, technical consultants have often often been giving focus to the total generator capacity, time before backup supply is established, short-circuit capabilities etc., whilst a limited focus have been given to the associated auxiliary systems.

Troubleshooting of a DCS controlled project, where the emergency generator control was proofed not to have been programmed according to the specified sequence.

This may lead to vulnerabilities both with known examples of emergency generating systems not able to supply the required power in case of an actual mains fault – and critical controller components have even been seen connected directly to a public network or the internet, making it possible for hackers to effectively shutdown all power supply to the premise.

By performing a throughout review of the system, eventual risks can be identified and effectively mitigated.
evice consult offers services within

  • Risk analysis and review of existing systems
  • Review of planned system designs
  • Review of IT security in relation to emergency generating systems, in close corporation with professional and ISO 27001 certified partner
  • Troubleshooting and root-cause analysis
  • Review of test procedures in place